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TOEFL Writing Boot Camp

In this TOEFL Writing Boot Camp course, you will practice and drill all the writing skills necessary to receive a high writing score (5 or 4, depending on your current skill level) in the TOEFL writing section. The Integrated essay is measured by the following three criteria:
  • Accuracy and details in summary

  • Language use

  • Organization

 The Independent essay is measured by the following three criteria:

  • Topic development

  • Language use

  • Organization

In this writing-intensive course, students write and revise their essays to produce TOEFL style essays confidently, quickly and effortlessly.   

This is a 4-week course. You can start on any Monday. 

In the first week and third week, students will drill on writing integrated essays, and in the second week and fourth week, on writing independent essays. Everyday (M-F), students will write and submit an essay based on the TOEFL-style instructions. All essays will be graded and commented on the areas of improvement. Students will revise their essays based on the feedback, and re-submit the revised essays. In all, students will write about 40 essays in this course. In the fifth week, students will receive their final course grade on their essays and written comments on their progress and  future improvements.  


The tuition of this course is $70.00. This is the course calendar:


After the Paypal payment below, you will enter the writing classroom.