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Integrated essay example 2: Four-day workweek

  To write a high-scoring integrated essay Find three essential details for the thesis  Paraphrase the details in terms of cause and effect Use transitional words for organization and directions of ideas If professor disagrees with the article: use transitional words for contrast If professor agrees with the article: use transitional words for emphasis causal inference Integrated essay example 1 Integrated essay example 2 Four-day workweek 1. Article In the United States, employees typically work five days a week for eight hours each day. However, many employees want to work a four-day week and are willing to accept less pay in order to do so. A mandatory policy requiring companies to offer their employees the option of working a four-day workweek for four-fifths (80 percent) of their normal pay would benefit the economy as a whole as well as the individual companies and the employees who decided to take the option. The shortened workweek would increase company profits because emp

Score 1 independent essay: analysis

  This is an analysis of an actual test taker's essay that received score 1. So far we have surveyed actual test takers' essays, both integrated and independent, in the order of the highest to the lowest mark. High-marked essays exhibit good grammar and relevant examples while low scoring essays are marked by poor grammar and inadequate diction. Now that we know what kinds of essays receive high scores, we are in a position to work on composing essays that merit a high score. In the next post and on, we work on writing high scoring essays. Score 1 Essay Nowadays, many people think that the people who always telling the true is the most inportant consideration in any relationship between human. but another think that is necessary to tell some lies. It is seldom to reach the same issue.I agree with the first thinking because of the following reasons. First fo all, we all live in the realized world , people can respect you unless you want to use correct method to communicate wit

Pronunciation and Prosody

Introducing Dr. Byrnes’ English Pronunciation: The American Way and English prosody: Rhythm and melody . English Pronunciation: The American Way The e-book ($9.99) is here . The audiobook ($9.99) , narrated by Dr. John Byrnes, is here .   English prosody: Rhythm and melody  The e-book ($9.99) is here . The audiobook ($9.99) , narrated by Dr. John Byrnes, is here. Please enjoy the following slides. They are the table of contents of the above two books on pronunciation and prosody. Please turn on the audio while listening. The first audio is the intro to pronunciation, and the second audio is the intro to prosody. You can also adjust the speed and others using the hamburger button. Excerpts are here .

Score-2- independent-essay analysis

  In the previous post, we examined an essay that received a score 3 by the ETS system. Dr. Byrnes however, mentioned that the essay deserved a score 4 as it showed the good topic development and proficient language use. Dr. Byrnes stated that the reason for the low score must have to do with the unclear scope of the discussion. That is, the rater must have felt that the essay did not respond to the given question properly as the author of the essay identified  “not telling the truth” with "white lies” when there are other conceptions of “not telling the truth” such as purposely lying to benefit oneself, or intentionally or unintentionally omitting the truth. The moral of the story is that, when you think a term in the question is ambiguous, you need to briefly define the term and explain how you interpret the term. Had the author done this prior to presenting her argument, she would have received a higher score. In this post we examine an actual essay that received score 2.  Scor

Independent essay with score 3: analysis

  Score 3 Essay Some people believe that it is one of the most important value in many relationships to tell the truth all the time. However, it cannot be always the best choice to tell the truth in many situatioins. Sometimes white lies are indispensible to keep relationships more lively and dilightly. There are some examples to support this idea. Firstly, in the relationships between lovers, it is often essential to compliment their lovers on their appearance and their behavior. Even though they do not think that their boyfriend or girlfriend looks good on their new shoes and new clothes, it will probably diss them by telling the truth. On the other hand, little compliments will make them confident and happy making their relationship more tight. Secondly, parents need to encourage their children by telling lies. Even if they are doing bad work on studying or exercising, telling the truth will hurt their hearts. What they need is a little encouraging words instead of truthful words. T